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VR mode - grabbing moving objects

Hello everyone,

Has anyone tried to develop a VR model in which it is possible to pick up moving objects? Objects that are in the sample VR models are static (e.g., objects lying on a table). I am trying to develop a model in which it will be possible to pick up objects that are moving on the conveyor (VR hand sorting). I think, the problem is the location of this type of object, which is referred to the location of the conveyor. It is not a global location.

Have any of you tried perhaps to develop a model similar to mine?

Thank you in advance for your help.

FlexSim 22.2.4
vr modedynamic objectsmanual sorting
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You can find the location of any object in terms of another object's coordinate space by using the project method of the Vec3 type returned by location:


or use global space:


As such you should be able to interpret the grab action and compare the distances to the objects - just be sure to use updatelocations() on the container or items before you evaluate their proximity with each new grab event.

One final task may be to stop the item before you move it so that any events associated with it are not left on the event list.

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