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How to have multiple join combinations on a combiner

I have 73 products which have to be joined with a specific base model and each product requires a specific quantity of raw materials for each product how would we input this into a combiner?

FlexSim 21.2.4
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Hi @Chen! You can do that using a trigger on your combiner and a global table. First set up your On Entry trigger of your combiner, choose the "Update Combiner Component List" option, it should look like this:


The trigger explains how it's set up. So you'll need 73 different columns on your global table and then a label to know which column to choose (which should be the first input into your combiner). You will also need as many input ports to your combiner as you have items to possibly combine with.

Try implementing this and if you have more questions post your model and we can help you resolve any issues.

Additionally in this post they implement a similar process which may help you debug:

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so do I need to separate the item has to be kept in 73 different queues and then connect those queues to the combiner?

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That's one way or take a look at the opportunistic combiner example where the products and components are defined in a table.

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I will try this out but also is there an article or tutorial that showcases the use of tables in flexsim?

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