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Create an additional AGV stop based on the destination?

I have an AGV network, where AGVs pickup from the Source, and deliver one item to one of 6 different types of queues (orange, red squares at the bottom).

Current sequence:

  • 1. Pick up from Source
  • 2. Deliver to an empty queue (bottom of the screen)
  • 3. Repeat until all queues are full

I am trying to have it so that when AGVs deliver to the red queues, they first stop at the red square called 'Flip Station 1'. Therefore, those with the orange squares would continue following the current sequence, but the red squares would be:

  • 1. Pick up from Source (1)
  • 2. Stop by Flip Station 1 (2) [I will add some delay logic here]
  • 3. Deliver to an empty red queue (3) --> continue doing this until all queues are full.

I thought of adding labels and having a subflow by label name, but I didn't know how to give it a label based on the destination; or if it even is the most practical way of approaching this.

Notes: My AGVs are supported by an AGV Advanced Process Flow Template.

Thanks so much for any help you can provide! It is very much appreciated!


FlexSim 22.2.0
agvlabelsassign labels
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Hi @Sofia G21,

Do you have specific logic that determines which destination your AGV will travel to? If not, you could consider creating a label that dictates the destination.

If you are able to attach your model, it will be easier to help with your question. Proprietary models can be posted as a private question visible only to FlexSim U.S. support staff. You can also contact your local FlexSim distributor for phone or email help.

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Sofia G21 avatar image Sofia G21 Natalie White commented ·

Hey Natalie, the only logic I have is utilizing the AGVWork List from the AGV Process Flow template. It also just selects the destination queue based on the 'First Available' port. I don't want to create a label to dictate a destination; I want to create the label based on the destination the item will go to.

Unfortunately I can't attach my model because it is huge.

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Julie Weller avatar image Julie Weller Sofia G21 commented ·

Could you compress the file and the upload it? (Or upload a simple sample model) I agree with @Natalie White that we could probably figure out how to implement that much more rapidly with a model

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You can add a check to the Process Flow whether to drive to a flip station first or not. In the attached model I created a new group (FlipFirst) that contains the destination queues marked red. If the item's destination is part of the group, the AGV is first send to the flip station. Note that this part of the Process Flow is only used for the first item that gets unloaded. With a capacity of more than 1, other changes might be needed, depending on how the logic should function in that case.



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Sofia G21 avatar image Sofia G21 commented ·
Wow, thanks so much Felix! I didn't think of using a group like that.

I really really appreciate the solution you provided, and your time! Super helpful.

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