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How to assign destination label by global table lookup

Hi there~

I am simulating a jobshop, I have a routing table and processing time table.

I have put label "type", "station" and "Process" on item on creation.1688540520694.png For processor, after finish processing, I also put label "station" and incremental value on label "Process"

But, how could I sync the label on 3D object item and process flow token?

Fyi, the subflow is for multiload AGV, such that it could load 2 items.

I am confused, any help or idea is appreciated!

FlexSim 18.1.2
process flowassign labels
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The token must already have a reference to the item (in order to tell the AGV what to load). You can read the labels on the item directly. There is no need to have the destination (or other references) as labels on the token itself.


If this doesn't help, please attach your model (or at least an example model), so we can better understand what the issue is.

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Thanks for your prompt reply!
Sorry that I didn't mention I didn't post a model, here is it

How to assign destination according to type.fsm

I have modified it, but it then has a tasksequence error, should I post another question?

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- You mistyped some label names: Sometimes you use loadIten and loadItem at other points.

- You need to provide an actual object reference for the station, not just a number. You can use Object By Case for this.


- In your Process Flow, each token represents an item. These then pull an AGV and have it move the item. The lower part of the Flow (Run Sub Flow activities) look like they are set up under the assumption that a single token represents more than one item. This would likely be the better approach, since the travel and unload tasks for the items interfere with each other.

The items should probably be pushed to a list and tokens that represent the AGVs pull items from that list.

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Thanks Felix! I have modified the model according to your suggestion :)

Item list is added, but there are two weird situation:

  1. AGV can load 3 items even its capacity is 2.
  2. Items "fly" to processors when AGV return to source point.

Instead of use order by case in travel activity, can I use assign label activity to assign "station" on token, if station value=1, find object IN1? Or is it possible to code like: Group("machine")[token.machine]?How to assign destination according to type_v2.fsm

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