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Questions about Process Flow


After observing this model and try to build a similar process flow of it. I still got some question that I can’t figure out.

This is my model (0723_pf.fsm) now. I set the assign label value as below. It is for the item to go to processors.

Group("Processors")[duniform(1, Group("Processors").length, getstream(activity))]direct

The problem is that it only chose processor randomly. That there is chance that the processor has ongoing task to do that the agv will show travel error. I’m wondering if there’s a way that can record the processors and let the processor retrieve the list if it already has the item loaded.

And I am also wondering if there’s a way to detect if there’s finished product on the processor. That I can set the agv to get the item.

FlexSim 23.1.0
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The processors in the 3d and the tokens in Process Flow pulling from the same list doesn't make much sense. You should decide for one approach, either the processors pull the items and the Process Flow only handles the transportation. Or the Process Flow also assigns items to processors.

The 3d model is currently setup for the processors to pull from the ItemsReadyForDeliveryList. When this happens, the transport reference field of the queue pushes the pulled items onto the AGVWork list. It also writes the destination, priority and preempt setting to labels on the item. So in Process Flow you would pull from AGVWork and there would be no need to determine the destination again since its already stored on the item.


If the Process Flow should also assign the destination, then the logic in the 3d must be deactivated (the processors are not pulling by themselves). Instead you would have a representation of the processors in the Process Flow (either as another list or as a resource). You can then pull/acquire an empty processor through those means. Either by only having idle processors available in the first place or by using the query field in the Pull From List or Acquire activity.

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