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Dynamic modification of AGV size in a network

Hello everyone,

I have a question about AGV networks. In an AGV network, it seems that the square surrounding the object determines whether or not there is contact between AGVs with accumulation.


I have been able to make the forklift smaller and the square the appropriate size I need for the simulation, but I have a question:

AGVs have different sizes depending on whether or not they are loaded. Is there any way to dynamically modify the size of this square?

FlexSim 23.1.3
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Since the agv will be centered at the same positon when you change the size you may not get away with this, since you might have something accumulated behind it. If you manage the space such that this is not a problem you can try just changing the te.size during load and unload. Obviously the transporter will change it's shape and, unlike other objects, adjusting its size within the bounding box is not as simple as adjusting shape offset factors.

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Hello and thanks @Jason Lightfoot

I have a problem when I change the size of the yellow square using size.x, it also changes the 3D model, which I don’t want. I found a way to change the scale of the 3D drawing, but is there a way to change the yellow square without affecting the 3D model?

Thank you

By modifying this node, I can change the scale, or something similar to the scale, of the 3D.


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Just delete the 'bodies' part of the resizeinfo tree.

Note again that this may break something - I expect it's not strictly supported.


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