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Omniverse problem, Model not running in Omniverse composer.

Hi, I set up Nucleus server. and my USD files are in http://localhost:34080/omniverse://localhost/Projects/ Robot.usd.and I connected the same in USD connector in Flexsim, added usd stage to model and imported same usd file here. and connected both USD composer and Flexsim to same omniverse server(Join).

After adding Processor to usd stage run the model its not updating in USD composer. and in other situation. in Omniverse model tree at right side window. it was showing boxes adding in to Queue tree in model tree. And some times either Flexsim will close or Omniverse will close.

Some one pls create a tutorial video in detail.

FlexSim 23.2.0
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Hey @Vinay S, here's a video I made on how to create a live Omniverse Connection between FlexSim and Omniverse Composer to see flowitems move through a Queue and Processor.

Video Link -

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Hi @Kavika F

Thanks for the video. I followed your video its working, But when I add robot to stage and save, its not visible in USD file, and one more thing When pass Operator as flow item in to the processor and run in Live connection Flexsim is closing.

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Hey @Vinay S, thank you for pointing this out to us! I'll add these things to the dev list to be fixed.
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yes, it would be very nice to be able to use operators or transporters with Omniverse. For now transporters are not diplayed and operators cause a bug. Thank you in advance !

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Hello, I'm having a similar problem. I'm able to connect FlexSim and Omniverse Composer via a local Nucleus server. I exported the FlexSim assets to a usd file via the Omniverse Connector and imported them into Composer. I'm able to drag Usd objects in Composer and see them update live in FlexSim. And vice versa, I'm able to drag Usd objects in FlexSim and see them update live in Composer.

However, I'm not able to see the simulation update in Composer when I press Play in FlexSim. It seems that the native simulation objects and the Usd objects are separate things. And I don't know how to make the simulation objects "drive" their Usd object copies.

I've attached a screenshot of what I have so far. Again, my issue is that when I press Play in FlexSim, nothing updates in Composer.

@Kavika F , the video you posted is a dead link. Could you please repost it? Thank you.


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Hey @OlegAlexander, I suggest posting this as a separate question so it doesn't get lost in this thread. Another reason is so that you can include preliminary information that may help us problem solve your issue such as FlexSim version number. Thanks!

With regards to the video, I will update the link soon. Thank you for pointing that out.

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Hi @Kavika F , my FlexSim version is 24.0.2. I will wait until you repost your video because it will probably solve my problem. If not, then I'll start a new question. Please let me know when you've updated the link. Thanks!

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