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Custom Process Time using Code and excel sheet

Modeling a high mix, low volume environment. I need a processor to adjust its process time based on the part number that arrives at the processor. My thought was to use the custom code function and create an IF structure to differentiate and determine the correct process time. I want to reference an excel sheet as a database for finding the respective time standard to use for the process time. Any thoughts on how to do this? It's been a minute since I've done much coding so need help there. Thanks!

FlexSim 21.2.4
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Hey @bcallaghan, this logic is built into FlexSim processors already so you don't have to make it yourself! Here's an example model to demonstrate this.



I started by making a simple GlobalTable with types and times.


Then I setup my 3D model.


If you click on the processor, you can change the processing time to be based upon a Global Table Lookup. This one looks at the table I made, gets the row by type of item, and gets the column I specify (in this case, PTime is col 2).


If you want to import your data from Excel, you can do that using the Excel Import/Export tool in the Toolbox.


You can setup your import to look at a specific workbook and sheet name. In the Table Data section, use the sampler dropper to select the table you want to load the info into. I made a second Global Table "ImportedProcessingTimes" to send my data to. Then select Import Tables.


Then you would simply need to click on the processor and switch to using the table you want for your processing! If your data changes in the excel file, you can always reimport.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks! Just saw you posted this answer. I'll give it a shot and see if it solves my problem.

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@Kavika F I tried your solution. However, after linking the global table using the lookup option within the process time, it is now setting the process time to zero instead of the time designated with that part number in my global table. Thoughts? Is there something else I need to do ensure it reads the kit label properly and thus processes at the correct time? Thanks

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Hey @bcallaghan, could you provide a model that demonstrates this behavior? Or screenshots? I don't know what's going wrong if I can't see it. Thanks!
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