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Combining assembly lines in a dependent order & Setting variable delivery dates

Hi all,
I'm fairly new to flexsim, I have a project to create an assembly line and warehouse layout, so far I have created the warehouse layout.
I need to assemble a total of 400 parts in a 7 hour shift and have been given the assembly time for each component in the part.
I would please like some help with the following questions

1. Processor that needs multiple components
For some processes in the assembly line, a part will arrive from a previous station and will then need to be combined with a part from a separate queue at this workstation. How do I ensure that the processor does not begin work until both parts are available, or would I need to use a combiner for this?

2. Specific process route
I have an assembly line that is creating left and right parts, with a total of 5 unique processes, but for some processes I have created separate stations for the L/R parts due to assembly and throughput times I have been given/need to meet. I want to know how to send a part from the Left part source through a specific route of processors so that it stays on the left assembly line? The problem is that it begins at a station that processes both L/R parts then will go to a process that has separate stations for L/R parts and then back to a station that processes both L/R parts.

3. Variable delivery times

The next issue I have is that deliveries arrive on certain days of the week but not at a set time, how do I set this characteristic to a source in flexsim? Although this issue is not critical, as I could just explain this in my report

Apologies if any sections are a bit unclear, I will try my best to clarify

Thank you in advance for any help

FlexSim 23.2.2
sourceproces flowprocesor
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You might be able to manage two parts for two types using the standard combiner but for a more generalized approach with many parts and many assemblies you might want to look at the opportunistic combiner example.
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  1. Combiner is correct.
  2. set a label at all parts. For example set 1 for right parts and 2 for left parts. You can choose any label name. In Send to Port function you select “by expression “ and you read the label value. Then right numbered parts with 1 are exiting through output port number 1. And parts numbered in this label by 2 are leaving this object through output port number 2.
  3. You build a small Process Flow with a date time source activity. A Token is created in this source activity. A create object activity creates for example box shaped items in your model. Then you a move object activity transfers this item into a 3D object for instance a queue.
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Hi Joerg,

Thank you for your reply.
Regarding point 2, I have been able to assign a label with values 1 and 2 to the respective parts, but I'm not sure on how to use the "by expression" function to read the label value. Because when I use the by expression function the only option under labels is item.Type and when I use this I get the following error.
"FlexScript exception: Label property Type retrieved on /Processor1/Product. Label does not exist. at MODEL:/Processor1>variables/sendtoport".

Thank you.


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Check the case of your label name - it should be 'Type' in both places (since 'type' is unfortunately a reserved word)
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