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Staff allocation ratio



First of all, this is an explanation of the attached model.

There are a total of six staff members,

There are a total of 20 patients in areas A and B, 10 each.

Area A is an area where you get a walking escort from the staff and go to the exit,

Area B is an area where you are escorted to the exit by a staff member's wheelchair escort.


After that, it's the model I want to make.

Q1. I'd like to assign staff to areas A and B at a ratio of 1:5.

Q2. If that happens, the patients in Area B with a lot of staff will finish moving through the wheelchair first,

After that, I would like to make the staff assigned to Area B move to Area A and escort the patient on foot.

I can't solve it at all.

I'd appreciate your help.

FlexSim 24.0.0
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Hey @Jerry, you should start by adding a label to your beds so they know which Area they're in.


Then you can send your tokens off to different paths depending on the Bed they're in.


That will get your Staff moving patients, but not in the ratio you want. To achieve the ratio, we must first add a label to your staff of which Area they'll start at (similar to how we added one to the Beds). Make sure to set "Automatically Reset" and save the change (I'll discuss why later).


In the "Staff" list, add a Label field for the "Area".


Then in your "Staff" resources, you can filter which staff you get by area. Area A will equal "A" and Area B will equal "B".


Finally, you can reassign Staff to Area A if there are no more patients waiting from Area B.


"anyPatientsWaiting" is a variable I made in the conditional value's code which looks to see if there are any tokens currently waiting in the "Acquire Staff" activity.

getstat(getactivity(processFlow, "Acquire Staff"), "Content", STAT_CURRENT, current);

This will allow you to reassign a Staff member after there are no more patients in the area. Area A doesn't need this in this case.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you, and it's been resolved well thanks to you.

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