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Tutorial 4.2 - AGVs Using Process Flow.

Hi team.

I am a new guy with FlexSim.

I encountered some problems:

1, when the simulation starts, I suppose that the operation is AGV1 > AGV2 > AGV3 > AGV4 > AGV 5, but in my model, it is AGV1 > AGV5 > AGV2 > AGV3 > AGV4


2, I got an error with the AGV5 in the simulation. At that time, AGV3 and AGV4 haven't finished the task.


Hope to get some help figure these problems, thanks!!

Here is my file: Chapter 4.2 AGVs Using Process Flow.fsm

FlexSim 23.2.1
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Hello @Lamm ,

You have a problem with the routes. The curved paths only allows one direction. If you change this and set them to "Two ways" you will have no problem.


I hope I have been helpful.


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And the order in which AGVs are activated/assigned a task is in fact 1->2->3->4->5. But due to the control point placement, AGV5 is able to allocate the "MainDropOffPoint" first and can thus leave before the other AGVs.

This is easier to see if you activate the option to show CP allocations in the AGV network properties.


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thank you team, now I am clear about it.

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