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database exception

Hello, I tried exporting data from flexSim to database, however I am getting exception error for specific model only. Error: time: 88.543086 exception: Exception thrown in database export:

Is it possible to include try and catch code. If yes please give the syntax for it.


FlexSim 24.0.1
exception errordatabaseexport data
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Hi @urvi-sukharamwala,

We haven't heard back from you. Were you able to solve your problem? If so, please add and accept an answer to let others know the solution. Or please respond to the previous comment so that we can continue to help you.

If we don't hear back in the next 3 business days, we'll assume you were able to solve your problem and we'll close this case in our tracker. You can always comment back at any time to reopen your question, or you can contact your local FlexSim distributor for phone or email help.

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Can you show us what you have implemented along with the table definitions you have in both FlexSim and the external DB?

The exception message printed in the catch of corresponding try section for exportSingle/exportAll and both call the same function to export the data, which is essentially DELETE FROM if not appending and then INSERT INTO.

Can you try performing the same INSERT INTO operations yourself in FlexScript or another application to check that it's possible? Does the target table have foreign keys and does your login have the correct permissions to add/remove records to/from the target table?

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I apologize for not responding. However I was able to solve the issue with above given answer. Thank you for the help.

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Thanks for letting us know.
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