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Label from source to use for port by case


Hii I am creating parts using process flow at Incoming_Modules. I am assigning a label to it 100 and non_100s. I want to split parts from split buffer using port by case but its giving me error saying Type label doesn't exists. Can someone please tell me the issue of why I am unable to split via port by case ?

FlexSim 23.0.0
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You add one single label. Different values are responsible to switch by case.
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I have a label name Type which can be 1 or 2. I have also given a set label in combiner1 but for some reason Split_Buffer is not able to send item as per label to different ports.


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@poopatel, Queue1 contains only one color type of pallet. It seems Split_Buffer does exactly what you describe.
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The "Type" label values are strings. You can see this both in the source where you assign them and by the fact that the value is aligned to the left in the label field.


The Port By Case option compares the value to numbers, which the label values are not equal to and thus only the "default" port 1 is used.

Either change the label values to be numeric or adjust the Port By Case so it uses string values as well.

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