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How to add variability in model using distributions and experimenter?

I am working on a model for a class and am stuck on how to add variability into my model when I run the experimenter. For each combiner, I have set the processing time to be a normal distribution. I need the processing times of each combiner to change with every replication within that defined distribution. When I run experimenter, I get the same result every time. The performance measure I want to track is the input to the sink, which tells me the throughput for the work cell.

Do I need to use parameters? If so, how?

Any help would be much appreciated. Also please note that we are in the very basic stages of learning and are very new to flexsim. I need explicit, clear, and simple instructions please!

This model is basically an assembly line with 4 operators at 4 different workstations (combiners).

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FlexSim 23.1.0
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Let me assume you want to have a variability of a normal function. Then you need a parameter to be variable for mean and another for deviation values.

Edit and you need a license version that differs from express.

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Can you please explain in more detail and perhaps with an example?
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The total throughput is currently limited by the output rate of the "Conveyor Source" (though only by a small margin). If you decrease its inter-arrival time, you will start to see different results.


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