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Pulling multiple staff resources for one activity set- ED Trauma Team

Hello. My team is building a model of an Emergency Department with a Trauma Center. This trauma bay does not have its own staffing resources, instead they pull two nurses, one resident, and one attending from one of the other areas of the ED to form this trauma team. We want to model the time it takes to stabilize the patient and for accuracy, we want to pull this trauma team from another ED pod so we can model the unavailability of those resources in that pod during a trauma activation.

We currently have one activity set to represent the trauma activation and stabilization. However, we are finding it challenging to connect the entire team to the process. Typically, the model only pulls one member of this staffing group when we need all four members to be involved in this process. Is there a way pull multiple staffing resources for one process step?

FlexSim 24.1.0
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