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How to schedule fluid arrivals

Hi Team.

We need to schedule the arrival of 3 different fluids, how can we schedule these arrivals? Each arrival is programmed in a time between arrivals of 2 hours, at the same time, it is required that Liquid 1, goes to Tank 1, liquid 2, to tank 2, and liquid 3, to tank 3.

How can I set a trigger to differentiate the color of the liquid?

thanks for your support, team.



FlexSim 24.1.0
fluidfluid objectfluid generator
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Can you have 3 generators and change the fluid processor to choose where it receives from and where it sends to?
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I don't think it is very practical to have so many generators, for a case of a production plant that uses the same infrastructure for more than 20 fluid type products, that's why, every time they process a fluid, they clean and flush pipes. any other idea or recommendation? please, thanks. @Jason Lightfoot

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Hello @Henry Paipa,

The fluid type is not saved to the fluid like a label as it moves through the system. You could have a variable that you set at certain times that conveys what fluid is in the system and then the ports can send the fluid down certain pipes depending on that variable value.

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Should I use the "variable" activity of process flow? or how could I build just that logic you mention? Or better yet, could you please illustrate me with an example, I appreciate it. Thank you. @Jeanette F

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Hello @Henry Paipa,

Here is your model with some adjustments. I added a source with a schedule so I could specify the arrival and Type of the item. On the source at creation the global variable FluidType is set. This global variable is used by the processor to send the fluid down the correct pipe.



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Thank you, I find it functional. @Jeanette F

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