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Custom animation on operator not applying offset on flowitem


I've tried to add a custom animation by copying an existing one, PurshCart. I've added a component like said in FlexSim docs with the "Draw Surrogate" option. It seems to be fine in the animation menu, but when I apply it in the simulation the position of the trolley moved is not the one that I define in the animation.

How can I properly set the offset that must be respected regarding the operator with the element that is carrying for a specific animation?

Thanks in advance.



FlexSim 24.0.3
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It looks like the trolley does not have any key frames applied to it in the animation.

Also, are you setting the animation variable to the flow item trolley before starting the animation?

See the linked post for an example model with a custom animation on a processor.

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Hello Felix,

I've tried to add the variable in the trigger of the operator and adding keyframes. But is making an strange bahavior. Drawing 1 in the expected position but also putting on the head the one picked. Furthermore, when unloading, drops the created by the animation and not the picked, which is later assigned during travelling. It does not make much sense. Attached the model for you check which is wrong.

Thanks for the help.test_trolleys.fsm

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test-trolleys.fsm (95.1 KiB)

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Seeing both the actual item and the surrogate is normal. The animation surrogate is drawn in addition to the item. You would have to hide the actual item. Also, the animation variable needs to be reset before the item is unloaded.

With that said, since the trolley does not move relative to the operator during the animation I would not use a surrogate at all and simply place the trolley in the correct location relative to the operator in the On Load trigger.

Furthermore, I would recommend to set the shape factors of custom objects so the 3d shape more or less matches the bounding volume. It's much easier to do this once and then not have to worry about having to constantly set the location when the item is moved in and out of objects to prevent it from floating or sinking into the ground.


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