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MassFlow conveyor with infinite input


We are working on a big packing model were we find some problems with the massflow conveyor. We don't know if these questions are related, but just as a reference:
Opening Massflow conveyor by UpstreamOutputOrder - FlexSim Community

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In the example for this question something goes wrong with the input of a conveyor. We have the following layout:


This works well until things start backing up. We want at maximum 300 cans per conveyor, so I have a wait for event waiting on the content changing to 300. When that happens we "close" the conveyor by setting the UpstreamOutputOrder to 0.That gives something like this:


All good so far. Then 2 strange things can happen:

When running the model directly to time 21.8 we have very strange stats values for one of the conveyors:

When running the model till time 17.4 and then stepping through the events till time 21.8 the results already look different:

These values are correct, but when you continue to run the model some more strange things happen at time 21.9:

Any ideas on this would be appreciated. Are we doing something we are not supposed to do? Or are there some rounding errors? Is there a work around?




FlexSim 24.1.0
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Patrick we've noted some anomolies with the events and densities during these events and so created an case in the issue tracking system. Thanks for pointing this out to us.

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