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FlexScript Error Message (Flexsim 17.0.2)

Hi there,

Does anyone know why the following error message shows when starting Flexsim?

Thank you.

The text of the error message reads:

exception: FlexScript exception: MAIN:/project/exec/globals/nodefunctions/switchshaders exception: EditorSpatial::drawContent()

FlexSim 17.0.2
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mohamed souliman avatar image mohamed souliman commented ·

Hi there,

is any one has this problem when starting FlexSim?

thank you.

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Mischa Spelt avatar image Mischa Spelt mohamed souliman commented ·

@mohamed souliman if your error message is different from the original one, please ask a new question. Looking at the errors, it looks like you may be trying to open a newer (FlexSim 2017) model in an older version which did not support the Token class (FlexSim 2016). Try opening the model in the same version used to create it.

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Clair A avatar image Clair A mohamed souliman commented ·

Hi Mohamed, can you please give more precisions:

  • which version of FlexSim are you using ?
  • which version of Windows are you using ?
  • does this error happen when you launch FlexSim or when you load a model ?
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mohamed souliman avatar image mohamed souliman Clair A commented ·

well i am on windows 7 ultimate, i have FlexSim 17.0.3 and this error appears when i am just opening FlexSim..!!, it appears that the problem is with some components like conveyors....!!

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1 Answer

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Ben Wilson answered Majedah A commented

Hi @Jason Botha,

I don't know about that particular error message. Perhaps someone else here will be able to jump in with some actual experience.

If no one knows for sure, these are the steps I would take to try to fix the problem:

  1. shaders and drawing are graphics related, so first I would try updating my graphics driver, as well as trying the other tips found in this graphics compatibility post.
  2. we've seen some errors come as a result of your Windows operating system not including all available Microsoft updates, so I would completely update the Windows installation, as well checking on the other items suggested in this post regarding startup/installation problems.
  3. several issues in older versions of FlexSim can be cleared up by manually downloading and installing the latest Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015. However, since you're using 17.0.2, this shouldn't be problem, but it's worth mentioning for others looking to clear up potential issues with their FlexSim installation.
  4. last year FlexSim was updated to use Microsoft's new API enhancements for Windows that correctly and securely load external libraries. In order for these API enhancements to work, you need to install a critical Windows security update (KB2533623). If your Windows is fully patched then this update should already be installed, but you can also download and install it manually from here: Once you install that update, FlexSim will correctly load and connect to module dlls. If not, perhaps a reboot is required.

Please respond back if any of the above clears up your errors. This will help anyone in the future that gets the same error.

Also, its quite useful to include the actual error text in the body of your question, so that it is easily searched. I will updated your question post with the text from your error messages.

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Jason Botha avatar image Jason Botha commented ·

Thank you Ben,

I will try the above and let you know.

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Phil BoBo avatar image Phil BoBo ♦♦ Jason Botha commented ·

What does it show in your Help > About FlexSim screen?

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Ben Wilson avatar image Ben Wilson ♦♦ Jason Botha commented ·

Hey @Jason Botha, for anyone meeting a similar error in the future, was there a resolution to your problem?

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Jason Botha avatar image Jason Botha Ben Wilson ♦♦ commented ·

Hi Ben, Sorry for the late response.

One of the students we have using Flexsim at university is having this problem and he is yet to resolve it. I will keep you posted if we find a solution.

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Majedah A avatar image Majedah A commented ·


Thank you sooo much

I tried your steps, but what worked was step # 4. I downloaded Microsoft's new API enhancements for Windows. I am using Parallel (virtual windows 7).


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