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License activation


Just downloaded the Beta version. When I returned the license and I want to activate the license again is not letting me do it. I get the error below

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Hi @Ale,

Please start a private question and include your license information. We will look at the specific problem you are having.

Also, some general tips:

Auto-Upgrades and Backwards Compatibility

When installing a new version (like 18.1), you may be prompted to upgrade your license. Go ahead and do that. Once your license is upgraded, however, you cannot use the previous version of the license code. Your previous 18.0 license is now dead and gone. You have to use the 18.1 code going forward. But that is OK. Licenses are backwards compatible and can license any versions back to 5.0 when we switched to FlexNet licensing, so your shiny new 18.1 license is the one you should use. Attempting to use the now dead 18.0 license will give an error.

FlexNet's trusted storage is separate from your FlexSim install

Also, there is no need to activate and return licenses between FlexSim installations on the same computer. The FlexNet licensing exists separately from, and outside of, FlexSim, inside of FlexNet's Trusted Storage repository (FlexNet is a 3rd party vendor we use for licensing - the same vendor used for many other programs like Adobe and CAD software).

Once a license is activated on your computer, you can install new versions of FlexSim, and they will see that license. You could uninstall all versions of FlexSim, wait three weeks (or three months!), install FlexSim again, and your license would still be there (assuming you didn't return it, of course). When you fired up the 18.1 Beta, and your license was upgraded to 18.1, you could then close 18.1 and open up 18.0 or 17.2 or whatever version you are using regularly, and it would see the new 18.1 license in the FlexNet trusted storage, and also be fully licensed in that older software since the licenses are backwards compatible.

Finding and reactivating the latest version of your license

So, if your license was upgraded to 18.1, but then you returned it, all you need to do is activate that 18.1 license again. You can log in to your online FlexSim account to get your latest license code. If you were already logged in, your open Account may not yet see the updated code, in which case on your licenses page just hit the Refresh Table button to get the latest information from the license server.

I can help with your specific license and any issue once we get more information in a private question.

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