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FlexSim not licensed - network license server (LAN)

We have a network server license. However, when opening FlexSim, the blue start screen shows License Type: Express, and no installed license.

Is there something more that I need to do?

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Here is a link to the LAN license server installation instructions.

Configuration Issues

Step through the installation instructions linked above. Double check each step to make sure that the license server was configured properly. You should be able to get to the point where the hosted licenses and the seat counts are visible from the server interface.

After confirming that the server is configured, your client PC needs to be configured to communicate with your LAN license server. Please see step 8. Activate Client PCs (page 22) of the linked instructions. Double check your software's license server configuration. There are also various troubleshooting steps listed in the instructions to help solve any issues that may be preventing client PCs from communicating with the license server.

License Count and Version Issues

If it looks like the proper communication is happening between the client PC and the license server, but your client FlexSim installation is still not licensed (stays in FlexSim Express mode), there could be a number of other issues.

The first thing is to make sure that there is an available seat for your PC. If you have a 3-seat license, and yours is the 4th PC to request a seat, your software will not be able to get a license and will stay in Express mode. Keep in mind that for network licenses, each open instance of FlexSim requires a seat. That means that a colleague with 3 FlexSim models open could be using all 3 seats of our example 3-seat license on a single computer, again leaving your computer without a license. You can check the license server's logs or web interface to find out how many seats are currently in use and on what computer(s).

Next, you need to make sure that your network license seats are capable of licensing the version of FlexSim installed on your computer. For instance, if your license server is hosting FlexSim 7.1 licenses, but you are running FlexSim 7.7 on your computer, your 7.7 instance will not be licensed. You would need to access a license for a FlexSim version of 7.7 or higher in order to run a licensed instance of FlexSim 7.7. A FlexSim license can license software for its given version or older. It cannot license copies of the software with a newer (higher) version number.

Please see the LAN license server upgrade instructions to guide you through upgrading the license version on your FlexSim license server.

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