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Batching different size items based on an orderID


I am trying to batch items based on a particular orderID( that will contain a list of items)

I am not able to implement a list into my model and also as i am new to flexsim, i am not very clear on doing this process.

the things i need to do are:

1. generate items of different sizes from a source and then batch it according to a list that is saved in the model.( dont know how to add a list)

2. This list should contain an orderID and the number of items in an orderID.

3. The batching will take place onexit from a queue.

4. On exit from the queue, i need each batch to send a token with the orderID and quantity to another list.(push to list).

6. Also i am trying to make each batch a different colour as it enters (OnEntry) a processor.

I am not able to get the simulation working in this way. I am attaching just a layout of 3d model and process flow of what i need to do.

Someone please help . :) @Ben Wilson @Jeff Nordgren @Jorge Toucet @Jörg Vogel


FlexSim 18.1.2
process flowbatchorder pickingpackingorder list
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@Jeffin G

You need to add a global table to have a list of items information like OrderID, size, batch size and etc...using Toolbox>Global Table.

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@Jeffin G, Global List are added in the Toolbox, too.

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Your question has got so many conditions, that you could get at last as many possible answers or ways to solutions. I assume you have a really large storage area of thousands of items. You create a list of nine items completely independent of the storage area. The partition ID of the list is the Order ID. Then you look for items in your storage area which match the conditions on your order list like size, shape, material, quality, and so on. You mark the items, that belong to an order list such they aren't available for another order. Then you pull the items from the area into a queue via conveyor system. The batching size of the queue is set to the number of ordered items on the list. The queue collects the items and release the batch.

The order isn't batched if one item is missing because it isn't in storage area. The order is a back order then and is fulfilled possible later. Are the items, which are on the list still blocked or are the free for another order?

Or a different approach: You define only items in a storage area that match the conditions of your orders. The items are always available. You don't have to block them. This leads to a model wherein you create items that are on an order list. You fill a order list with the attributes you are randomly setting. You need not a large storage area of thousands of items anymore because you create them when the list is done.

I suggest you ask a question which is precise and copes with one aspect, may be two. You should describe the environment of the question or link to other questions.

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Thank you so much . That was really helpull @Jörg Vogel

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