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Date Time Source acting strangely

I am trying to use a Date Time Source to generate an order schedule which will end up triggering production work orders. I eventually want to read in some daily order parameters from Excel so I though a Date time Source would be best, but I have been getting some very strange behavior.

First I tried just having one time slot for orders, with the Quantity of tokens created being a distribution. But I kept getting the repeat interval, which I set to "Daily", coming back (on reopening the table) as "Custom: 86400.00". This would be OK if I was using seconds as my time unit, but I am using minutes!

I then decided to generate a daily table and added a few specific arrivals: Qty 1 between 8 and 9am, Qty 2 between 9 and 10, and Qty 5 between 2 and 3pm. (see attached screenshot).

That solved the problem with the repeat interval, but then I noticed I was getting many token arrivals but the clock was still at zero! I renamed the tokens and tracked them: 20 arrivals of "OrderToken1" arrived at time 0 (=8:00am). Then after that the pattern was correct. (The number 20 is not used anywhere in the model, so not sure why it should be exactly that every time we ran it!) Unfortunately I can't send that version to you since my colleague and I made several changes to try and figure it out, and now things have gotten worse and I can't get it back to that behavior!

We tried using the "advanced" option and that seemed to work better, but then when we went back to "table" we noticed the final ending time is 24:00, which should not exist! If you add a row it corrects itself, but now the repeat interval is back to 86400 seconds AND the model has no events until time 58137.77, which (if I was using seconds) would be about 4pm or 16 hours after starting. There are no arrivals at that time! It does, however, run the correct Quantity of arrivals after that point. (Yay!)

Here is the model and a couple screenshots...




FlexSim 18.2.2
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I can replicate all of your points. Maybe @phil.bobo or @jordan.johnson should have a look for it. It seems as if there was no answer until now from dev team at all!?

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Thanks! I was wondering why there was no response! Is there a special tag for "support needed" or "suspected bug"?

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I ended up doing what I need with the Schedule Source instead. But I would still like to know what the problem is?

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UPDATE: This is a known issue, it's on the devs list of fixes. Sorry about the inconvenience. It seems this new feature isn't working in any time units other than seconds (the default). It looks like you found a work around for the moment using the Scheduled Source. IF you have further questions, or need further help implementing that let us know. And sorry again that we missed your question.

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We're sorry you ran into issues using the Date Time Source. There were two places (one with the repeat interval and one in calculating arrival times) where the model time units wasn't being properly handled. We've corrected the issues and the fix will be included in the next bug fix release. Thank you for your patience.

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I'm really sorry that we didn't get back to you. I somehow missed seeing your responses, and was expecting one of the devs to get back to you. This appears to be a bug, and I will work with the devs on confirming with them. Again sorry that we missed you on this question.

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