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A more robust logic for AGV park

staticfinal-a-link-between-processors-n-queues.fsmDear all,

I am building a simulator for factory automated lines. One of the key metrics on which the simulator will be judged is its robustness and for the very case I want my process flow logic to be as flexible as possible.

For the above mentioned reasons, I want to change my park logic so as to accommodate more AGVs (if need be for optimization studies etc.) in my process flow. Right now, my park logic works on actual referencing wrt to the actual physical park spot in the 3D model. Now, this works for now as the number of AGVs are less, but in case the number of AGVs increase this logic would require more modifications (for eg - with 3 AGVs itself, I have required the use of "decide" activities.

Can someone suggest me a more robust logic, something on the lines of a " AGV(i) parks at location i"?

Please find my current model as attached.


Akshay pundir

FlexSim 19.1.1
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This is just a shot in the dark and may not solve the issue, but it might get you started with some things to try.

What if you assigned a label to each AGV with a pointer to its designated location? That way, when the token decides that the AGV needs to go to a parking location, it simply looks at the pointer label for which location to travel to?

If scarcity is an issue (i.e. there are more AGVs than there are parking spots), you could consider pushing all of the parking spots to a list and then pulling one whenever an AGV is directed to park itself.

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@Tanner Poulton thanks for your reply!

I will tackle both of your comments individually.

Regarding the first comment, I am already doing that but my issue is to point to the destination without it actually being there in the 3D model. I want to build a "robust" logic that does not have to relate to the actual physical destination everytime I build a new model. I am kind of doing that now and the problem that I face is that I have to modify a part of my process flow everytime I simulate a new layout. I want to eliminate that. You can also refer to my "AGV to park" logic for more understanding on what I am trying to convey here.

Now moving on to the second comment, I do not think I will be faced with a scarcity in parking spots, so that shouldn't be an issue :)

I hope I have explained myself well and please do get back to me with your comments.


Akshay Pundir

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@Akshay P,

I would add the parking spots to a group, push all the members of that group to a list, and then pull from that list whenever a parking space is needed by an AGV.

Here's a model (not the best model, but it at least shows that you can push/pull parking spots from a list): agv-parking-example.fsm

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@Akshay P

Did this answer help you? If so, could you please accept it? If not, could you let us know what else we can do to help you? Thanks!

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