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Akhil raja rao K asked Matthew Gillespie answered

zoning problem while operating both male &female sources

im working on a ticket vending counters project, in that I have multiple sources in which the male and female will generate from their respective sources, they need to interact with their respective staffs at counters as it is in my process flow, but while interacting, only one person needs to acquire the staff, so to gain that I've used zoning in my process flow but at some point of time more than one person was acquiring the staff when I run both male and female sources at a time, zoning was fine if I run only female or male sources individually, but while operating total male and female sources the zoning was not happening properly at the counters. (I've created individual process flows for staff acquire and animation for both male and female for the counters i.e., I've two different process flows with same attributes, i.e, for male and female)

FlexSim 20.0.0
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Can you attach a model?

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I've attached a model in which both male a female will be generated from two different sources. To counters, females are walking first and later males are walking through it, I need them to walk according to their source creation timing with zoning. After counters walkthrough, they need to divide according to their gender into the last two waiting lines, it's not happening though I've used (token.Person.Gender == "Male") coding in the decide function

please find the attachment

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zoning-question.fsm (75.7 KiB)

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Matthew Gillespie answered

Instead of trying to create a separate set of activities for each counter you should just have the person acquire a counter and then go there. This will naturally limit it to one person per counter and vastly simplifies your process flow. I used the Wait In Line then Process activity set to do this.

You also forgot to add the Gender label to the Man and Woman flowitems in the flowitem bin.


counters.fsm (115.0 KiB)
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