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Send flowitems to pickup points by item.type


I am relatively new to AGV in flexsim. I am working on a model where I have multiple sources with different item.type. In the attached model, I have 2 sources and I have 2 pickup points. Is there a way to use just single source and send item to pickup points by item.type.



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For your first question, set up your arrival schedule like this:

Notice the 'Type' label is now part of the schedule and the sequence of arrivals is in order by time.

For your second question you would have to change the model layout I bit I think. Rather than sending from the Source directly to the Sinks, send to a two queues that are attached to your two pick up points. Like this:

THen set your Source's Send to Port parameter to:


And that will send your items to a port with the same number as your Type label (1 and 2).

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hey @Regan Blackett,

I implemented the method you explained above. I am able to send item by type to the different queues. However, the queues are not sending flow items to the pickup points. I have enabled "use transport" for the queue. Am I missing something here?

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@Aditya S2
Are you saying you want the queues to move the items into the Control Points, and then have the AGV's load them there instead of the AGV's going to the control points and then loading directly from the queue?
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@Braydn T

Either method works for me. In the model I am building I have items sent to the queues by item.Type.

I want the AGV to load those items either from the queue or the control point. But currently the items are on the queue and not being picked up by the AGVs. How do I make sure the AGVs do pickup items from the queue or the control point? Thanks

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