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Is it possible to charge AGV if it travels with AStarNavigator logic?

Hi everybody,

I am trying to develop a logic to charge my task executer that travel with A*navigator and not with AGVnetwork.

for example i would like that when the battery level of my task executer goes down 15% it goes in a certain point.

but i found to many diffculties becuase if I want to add a event like AGV.BatteryLevel<15, the program doesn't recognize taskexcuter like an AGV.

this is my model: elci 2 alb.fsm

FlexSim 20.0.0
astar navigatoragv battery levelagv recharge
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This is essentially the same question that you asked yesterday. I suggest commenting on previous questions if they are the same topic. You can create new questions when they pertain to new topics.

That said, the "battery level" feature to which you are referring is part of the AGV Network. Within the AGV Network, you can define AGV Types, and the AGV Types then have attributes. So, if you need to track the battery level of the AGV that is an inherent property of the AGV class within FlexSim, you need to use the AGV Network that was built for it.

I hope this makes sense. You can always use the AGV Process Flow Template for a guide as to how all these things work. Additional details about Travel Networks and A* Navigators can be found here. And more information about AGV Networks can be found here.

In response to your other post: Switching to the AGV Network instead of using the A* Navigator will allow you to access the battery level attribute.

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