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Pulling multiple objects using lists in Process Flow

Hello! My aim is to create a tote with a unique orderNumber label and match each tote with the trays that possess the corresponding SKU_IDs. I can get this to function if I have each unique ORDER_ID matching one SKU_ID. Where I am struggling is to get a tote with an ORDER_ID that requires multiple SKU_IDs to pull all of these trays into the system, not just one.

For example, when I have the first order enter the system, a tote is created with a label orderNumber equal to 1. An additional label is assigned to identify the SKU_requested based on a Global table lookup in ORDER_MASTER. This token is then pushed to the 'Active order list'. On the other hand, trays are created for each of the SKU_IDs in the Global table INVENTORY_MASTER and these tokens are stored in the 'Storage list' with the labels for each SKU_ID. The process entitled 'Pulling trays into the system' is intending to pull any active order in the system and match it with the corresponding SKU_IDs, visually transferring them into the 'Pull_Into_System' queue in the 3D model.

I have created a small model to work-through the logic I am trying to implement in my main model, and have attached it below. Please let me know if you have any ideas or insights that may help me work-through this issue. Thank you in advance for your help!


FlexSim 20.0.9
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Hello @Talia Z! I was able to take the example model you posted and successfully modify it to pull multiple SKU_IDs for an order. Please try the attached model and see if it does what you need. Here are the changes I made, if it helps for reference:

  • Added an ORDER_MASTER_AGG Global Table
  • Added a User Command called GenerateAggregatedOrdersTable that creates an array aggregation of the ORDER_MASTER table using FlexSim SQL
  • Added this user command to the model reset logic, so it runs at reset
  • In the "Pulling trays into the system" section:
    • Changed the event-driven source to point to the Active order list when a push occurs. This is important, as the way it was set before would try to pull items before they were pushed to the list.
    • Added an Assign Labels step prior to Run Sub Flow that fetches the SKUs_requested array and order number
    • Changed the Run Sub Flow to only assign a SKU_requested label that retrieves from the SKUs_requested array using creationRank as an index

Please let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues with this example model. Thanks!


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This works well! Thank you @Jon Abbott!

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