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How to make an operator and taskexecuter follow an agv

Hello dear community,

In the attached model, I want the operator to move along with the car through the AGV path. I want to simulate like if the operator is driving the car to the end point of the AGV.

Thank you


FlexSim 21.0.3
agvprocess flowflexsim 21.0.3task executers
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@AndreaMichel, If the operator is just a prop, meaning it doesn't affect the simulation but is just a shape riding along with the AGV (similar to the person in a transport), you could just create a custom 3D shape for the AGV.

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Hello @AndreaMichel,

The question you are asking is a great question. However, your model shows that you have a lot to learn about FlexSim. You would benefit from learning from some tutorials. I suggest you do the Process Flow Tutorials and the Task Logic Tutorials. All the other tutorials would also be a big help to you. There is also a really great primer written for students.

To go back to your actual question and your explanation, I find them to be contradicting. Do you want the car to be an AGV and the operator to be the flow item? This would have the car load the person and allow the car to move along the path (You will need to check out the AGV tutorial). If not, then you will want to use a node network (instead of AGV) for the operator to use when moving the car. To learn about the node network check out page 76 of the primer.

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Yes, I want the operator to go inside the car and the car follow the agv. How can I do that ? Thank you

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There is a code example that moves an operator into transporter in a coordinated task sequence in the reference manual. Please scroll down to chapter Code to find the source code. Obviously you can replicate the steps in the source code to a process flow sequence. The main part consists of a procedure which synchronizes the arrival of AGVehicle and Operator. How do you synchronize, is up to you. But there are examples in the tutorials @Jeanette F has mentioned to you. Then you move the Object operator into the AGVehicle. Later if the operator has to leave, you move him back into the model model(). Maybe you have to update the property location of the Object operator.

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