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FlexSim 2020 Update 1 Available

FlexSim 2020 Update 1 is available.

If you have bug reports or other feedback on the software, please email [email protected] or create a new idea in the Development space.

Release Notes

  • Updated the Statistics Collector to be simpler and more user friendly.
  • Added a PowerPoint FlexScript API.
  • Added an HTTP FlexScript API.
  • Added a sorting tab to various charts.
  • Improved performance of chart templates.
  • Replaced the code profiler with a new Performance Profiler.
  • Added a Memory Profiler.
  • Added OnEntry and OnExit events to TaskExecuter objects.
  • Added an icon to library items that launch a pop-out library of choices.
  • Reorganized the dashboard library using the pop-out library to consolidate charts with multiple visualizations.
  • Updated the WebServer to use the Version Selector.
  • Added a Find/Replace UI for global tables.
  • Added support for Ctrl-F and Ctrl-H keyboard shortcuts for various windows.
  • Added support for renaming objects using the F2 keyboard shortcut.
  • Added a Vec3 overload to the Object.setRotation() method.
  • Added a stop parameter to the userinput() command which will stop code execution until a value is entered.
  • Added a default parameter to the realtime() command that returns realtime(1)+0.001*realtime(2).
  • Updated various pickoptions to use the TaskSequence and TaskExecuter APIs.
  • Added tutorials for the Statistics Collector.
  • Added a Variant overload to the Table() constructor.
  • Fixed some issues with the importtable() command.


  • Added new Train functionality.
  • Added offset travel functionality to the AGV network.
  • Added a time-based trailing option.
  • Added the routing drawing feature to a right click option.
  • Updated Quick Properties' apply to all selected objects functionality to work with AGV objects.
  • Made arrows bigger.
  • Fixed several spinners in Quick Properties not applying immediately.

Backwards Compatibility Note: the following changes may slightly change the way updated models behave.

  • Changed behavior for when a TaskExecuter is connected to an AGV network, and is set to use the navigator for its offset travel. Previously, the navigator was hard-coded to find the closest control point. Now, you instead need to add an OnAGVOffsetTravel trigger to the navigator, wherein you can direct the AGV how to offset.


  • Added clipboard, test tube, and pill bottle flow items.
  • Added a Max Speed property to Equipment objects.
  • Updated Transport and Equipment objects to do low priority returns.
  • Added the ability to install instanced People flows.
  • Updated the LocationStaytimeHistory chart to handle people entering and exiting transports inside a location.

Process Flow

  • Added an AGV travel activity.
  • Updated the Sink to notify parent tokens on a Run Sub Flow activity that the child token finished the subflow.
  • Updated the Wait for Event and Event-triggered Source activities to be able to display more than one link at a time.
  • Updated the sampler for Universal Edit fields to display process flow variables and current labels when sampling white space.
  • Added a pop-out library for choosing the shape of Container objects.
  • Added a pop-out library for choosing the type of travel activity.


  • Updated the Heat Map to use a Color Pallete.
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Ralf Gruber avatar image Ralf Gruber ♦ commented ·

Hi developers,

there seems to be a bug in the WIP by Type dashboard widget. It seems to break when the "Type Label" is changed to anything but the default "Type". In the model attached, the upper part uses the default "Type" and the widget works. In the lower part I changed it to "OtherType" and it breaks.


Please fix asap. Thx


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Jordan Johnson avatar image Jordan Johnson ♦♦ Ralf Gruber ♦ commented ·
Thanks for reporting this. I fixed the issue for the next bug fix release.
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Ralf Gruber avatar image Ralf Gruber ♦ Jordan Johnson ♦♦ commented ·

@Jordan Johnson Thx for the fix, but is there a workaround for it or do I have to make my own? Need this urgently in a project.

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