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Experimenter Statistics - Save Only Select Data

Often times, when I am using "Save statistics data for each replication" most of the data is not required. This can result in extremely large model files when running many scenarios/replications.

A checkbox in the GUI for each Statistics Collector, Calculated Table, etc. to enable/disable experimenter data collection would be very useful (the Experimenter checkbox can remain as the master switch). It is not that difficult to stop the recording of the data with code in the Start of Experiment trigger, but this approach is less user-friendly.

Normally I am using the "Save statistics data for each replication" to pull an entire calculated table or statistics collector out for each scenario/replication using another calculated table selecting everything from Experiment.OriginalCalcTable. If anyone has a better way to do this, I would like to hear it in the comments. I used to concatenate tables manually using the experimenter triggers, but calculated tables seem like a nice solution now.

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