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Experimenter in FlexSim 2021 : Objects in a group


Recently, I found out that Experimenter of FlexSim 2021 is somewhat different from that of previous versions.

I went over the user manual and relevant QnA (Experimenter 2021: Varying number of Objects in Group). I manage to use new features such as Model Parameter Table and Performance Measure Table.

But I still have some questions about Experimenter of FlexSim 2021.

1) First, I created a simple model as shown below.

Note that Processor1, Processor1_2 and Processor1_3 are members of Object Group called 'machine'

I aim to use 2 parameters, 'number of processors' and 'number of operators'.

Thus, I made 2 rows for Model Parameter Table as follows:

Note that the values of cells in 'Value' column are 3.

Then, I could obtain experiment results for multi-scenario related to the 2 parameters, by using Experimenter.

However, when I reset the model after experiment, my model looks as follows:

The 3 processors are overlapped with each other. Also, 3 operators are overlapped after reset.

Why does this happen?

2) Furthermore, when I set the cells in 'Value' column of Model Parameters Table to 1, processor and operator objects are deleted except Processor1 and Operator1.

3) The overlapping after reset indicates that the positions of the modeling objects are not maintained. Can I fix the positions of the modeling objects after reset?

Thank you for your answer in advance.

FlexSim 21.0.3
flexsim 21.0.3
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Hi @Jun Woo K, was Jordan Johnson's answer helpful? If so, please click the red "Accept" button at the bottom of their answer. Or if you still have questions, add a comment and we'll continue the conversation.

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Jordan Johnson answered Jun Woo K commented
As far as I can tell, this behavior is correct, if you have chosen the Delete and Copy Objects option for adjusting the number of objects in a group. On reset, this option deletes all members of the group except the first, and then copies those values until there are the number specified in the group. The copies are exact copies, and use the exact location of the first object. So they overlap.

This is the same behavior that existed before version 2021, but now it is more visible, because parameters apply to the model always, rather than just during an experiment.

Depending on what you are trying to simulate, this behavior may or may not be desirable. Often, it is fine for task executors, but not desired for fixed resources. Often, it is better to "turn off" fixed resources. You can do this using Lists or Process Flow.

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Jun Woo K avatar image Jun Woo K commented ·

Thank you for your comments. However, group of fixed resource objects is still an issue for me. I think I need to do some additional research about it.

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Lars Christian J2 answered

Model Reset Trigger:

1. Set all FR in group to STATE_DOWN (or similar)

2. Push all FR in Group to a list

3. Get number of active FR from parameters and pull this number of the list and set the pulled objects to STATE_IDLE

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