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Joaquín MSV asked Ben Wilson commented

License server port connection

Hello all,

I've been using FlexSim in my company with a concurrent license but recently the security policy of the firewall was changed and I am no longer able to detect the license in the network while I'm out of office with the VPN from AT&T. But in the company network it works.

I've seen that in the ldadmin tool we can find 2 port ranges. One that goes from 27000 to 27009 and then another port for configuration in the 58118. Which of those should be granted by the security team so my computer can connect to the server to receive the license while in the VPN?

Thanks in advance.

FlexSim 21.1.2
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Ben Wilson answered Ben Wilson commented

Both ports should be open for communication between the client PC and the license server.

You can also set a static port for either or both. Are you using lmadmin or lmtools to host the license? The method to set a static IP will differ depending on the hosting licensing manager. Our current license server installation instructions default to using lmtools and specifies custom static port numbers in the license file (26914 and 56914).

Please don't include any specifics about your license code, etc. Just generalities on this public questions.

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Hello Ben, first of all, thanks for the answer. I'm not using the lmtools, I'm using the lmadmin. In that one you can also specify a static IP between the 27000-27009. Should I set that fixed or do I have to handle the license server with lmtools instead to work properly with the VPN? I mean, adding those fixed ports to the exceptions in the firewall.

I know it is a problem from the IT security in my company, because before, it was working fine with the VPN.

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Hi @Joaquín MSV,

You can use lmadmin. The lmadmin port range can is specified during the installation:

You can find your current port number or range from lmadmin > Administration section > System Information tab > License Server Manager Port in Use.

That port number will apply for any and all product licenses hosted by lmadmin (FlexSim as well as any other products you're licensing with this license server/license manager).

To set a custom vendor daemon port, you'll need to edit the flexsim vendor daemon configuration:

You'll need to make sure that both the lmadmin port (custom port, or range 27000-27009) and the vendor daemon port (custom 56914 in this screenshot) are open through all firewalls between the client PC and the license server. I recommend specifying a custom port for the vendor daemon. If you don't, the port number used can change whenever the vendor daemon restarts.

You can use the telnet test from the client PC to make sure that the channels of communication are open all the way to the license server.

There are some other good connectivity/configuration tests in step 10. Troubleshooting client-server licensing problems, starting on page 21 of our license server installation instructions.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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