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AGV leaves path after fail

Hello FlexSim community,

I am developing a AGV system to delivery components boxes to assembly lines. Follow my model attached.

The AGV has 4 types of downtime:

1 - Physical interferences (objects or people in the way);

2 - Failures (electrical or mechanical failure);

3 - Battery change;

4 - Preventive stop.

Said that, i have 3 problems:

1 - When i enable those 4 MTBF/MTTR, it happens an error.

2 - How can i remove the AGV from path if downtime 2,3 or 4 happens? Because i dont want it to block the other ones while its on downtime.

3 - How can i identify on state chart how much % of time it stays on each downtime?



FlexSim 21.1.0
agvflexsim 21.1.0mtbf mttr
agvr02.fsm (9.0 MiB)
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Problem 3. There are predefined states numbered till 50. You can set states beyond 50 and track them.

Problem 2. Instead of stopping an AGV object, let him travel offset and then stop it. Then the path won’t be blocked for following vehicles.

Problem 1. Have you set different stop ID’s? Maybe you think about a preempting utilize task, which ends in a free operator command or activity.

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Thanks for your answer Joerg,

Problem 1. I belive i did not, how can i do that? Could you share a video about it please?

By the way, this is the error:


And the AGV1 state on error is this : "offset travel empty".

Problem 2. Not sure if i understood, do i need to create a parallel path so the AGV move to it when a fail happens?

Problem 3. Found it, thanks!

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Afonso Teberga answered Leandro Meirelles commented

Hi Leandro,

Problem 1: you can set different stop IDs changing down and resume functions' parameters (or stop/resume object parameters, in general). In MTBFMTTR:



For more details, please check this post.

Problem 2: as Joerg suggested, before starting a down time (i.e., stopping the object), you can let the AGV complete its current task and also let him travel to a control point that does not block other AGVs. One option to configure this behavior is to use a process flow to create the travel task, stop the AGV, wait a repair time and finally resume the AGV operation. The attached model is an example. Example AGV breakdown.fsm

stop-id.png (15.1 KiB)
resume.png (25.1 KiB)
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Thanks Afonso, it is clear now!

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