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First Available Processor from Conveyor

Hello Good Day,

I have my model sending some item via conveyor to different processor at the side. How can I make the item to go to the first it pass and available? Basically, it will keep going to the end of conveyor if there is no processor available.

I found the answer in this thread : , specifically in this answer : 1629104157006.pngis really helpful and basically what I want. But I notice this is thread in 2016 and when I tried the solution in my version 19.2.4 it doesn't work, and the next item will just get stuck in the first Decision Point even if the processor connected to the DP is full.

Is there any work around for this?

Thank you

FlexSim 19.2.4
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Felix Möhlmann answered Ranggi M commented

Jeff's model from the other thread always sends the item to the processors. You want to add a condition to the "Send Item" option that checks whether the processor is available or not.

A simple way to do this is to use the content of the processor.


"current.outObjects[1]" points to the ExitTransfer. Adding another ".outObjects[1]" thus references the first output of the ExitTransfer - the processor. "stats.content.value" then returns the current content of the processor.

If that value is 0 the processor is available and the item is send there, otherwise nothing happens and the item continues on.

Here it is important to position the Decision Points close to the Exit Transfers as otherwise a second item might arrive before the first has entered the processor leading to the second item also being send to it.

Attached is a model in 19.2 demonstrating this.



If you want to put the items back onto the conveyor after processing you would have to identify them as already having been processed so they are not send to another processor down the line. Adding a label in the Exit trigger of the processors and checking for it in the condition of the Decision Points would a a way to do it.

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Hi, this is helpfull, may I ask if the transport from conveyor and the procesing needs an operator, and the operator may not available (in case he is processing or dispatch to do other task in other place) will this make the container stuck? (if the processor is empty)
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Yes, if an operator is required to transport the item, it will stop at the ExitTransfer and block all items behind it.
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Okai, thank you. I think I will post another question with detailed situation I want to do. Your answer is good for this situation tho. Thanks

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