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flow item customization

In my model my flow item is a pill bottle. I would like the pill bottle to arrive in an alternating sequence of small vials and big vials (only those two sizes). The bottles are to arrive onto a conveyor. The order they arrive does not matter. On creation the pill bottles are assigned a label and color.

FlexSim 21.2.4
flowitemcustompill bottle
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What's the question here? Which bit can't you do?

Also you say they should arrive as small then large alternating and then say the order they arrive does not matter - it's a little confusing. Could you post the model or explain some more?

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I don’t have a model, I just want the pill bottles to arrive onto a basic conveyor in a randomized order (either big or small in size). That’s it. I don’t know how to achieve this

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Hi @zb,

The simplest solution would probably be to have two different sources that feed into the same conveyor system. Then, you can just use whatever statistical distribution to achieve your randomized order. See example model attached below.

pill bottle sizes example.fsm

I hope this helps! Let us know if you have further questions!

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