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MTBF for different workstation in process flow


I've created machine breakdown (MTBF) for a workstation1 in process flow model. Is there a better way to set MTBF that refer to the same container (Breakdown WS) if I wanna build a large-scale factory simulation model.

Thank you very much for your kindly response.

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MTBF in re-flow process.fsm

FlexSim 20.1.3
process flowmtbflarge-scale
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I would use the code below to find tokens to preempt instead of your code that looks at the Activity name (for which you have duplicates and only find one activity). This code looks at the class of activity in the process flow (in this case delay) and returns the array of any tokens in that class. You can uncomment further activity classes you wish to include.

(model attached).

treenode classrunsubflow=node("?RunSubFlow",library());
treenode classbatch=node("?Batch",library());
treenode classwait4event=node("?WaitForEvent",library());
treenode classdelay=node("?Delay",library());
treenode classpull=node("?PullFromList",library());

treenode instancelink=NULL;
for (instancelink=node("instances/1",stats(processFlow));objectexists(instancelink);instancelink=next(instancelink)) {
if (node("+/~",instancelink)==current)
Array tokens;
if (objectexists(instancelink)) {
treenode instancetokens=node("tokens",instancelink);

forobjectlayerunder(instancetokens) {
treenode thistoken=a;
if (objectexists(a)&&a!=token && (classobject(getactivity(a))==classdelay)) {  //||classobject(getactivity(a))==classpull)) {// not(classobject(getactivity(a))==classbatch||classobject(getactivity(a))==classrunsubflow||classobject(getactivity(a))==classwait4event)) {

return tokens;


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Hi Jason,

Thank you very much for your solution. One more question, I try to record the token information that try to track the breakdown workstation and down time. However, it doesn't work by save in the "recMTBF" table. Could you kindly help give the sugguestion that how to record the token's inforamtion connected the the down time situation, thanks.

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mtbf-in-re-flow-process-jl_rec down time.fsm

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Jason Lightfoot avatar image Jason Lightfoot ♦ Che-Wei Chou commented ·

You're recording pointers to objects that are destroyed.

In the attached model I've added a label called tokenNames to the breakdown token.


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Hi Jason,

Thanks, Flexsim support team really provides a strong platform for user who can develop a simulation model more powerful.

Thanks again.

Best regards,


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