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Paste distribution from Excel: Getstream parameter error

Could someone please help me figure out what is going on with my FlexSim 2022 model?

I am trying to paste a distribution in from excel using the same format it uses when it creates the distribution itself but I keep getting an error saying the parameter for getstream is wrong. It works if I remove the getstream from the distribution altogether but I would like it to use that.

When it creates the distribution is it writing a script that begins with "Object current = param(1)" which is what appears in the arrivals table. But the proper distribution appears in the text box below, which is the same format I have used to create the table I want to paste in from Excel. See the pic below. The top works and is what Flexsim creates. Bottom is what I want to paste in.

Model also attached.



FlexSim 22.1.0
exceldistributionspatient arrivalsgetstream
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Matthew Gillespie answered Ashlee W commented

There's actually several lines of code in that table cell when you choose a distribution. If you click on the Edit Code button next to the cell when you click on it, or you click Ctrl-A to select everything in the cell before copying the cell, you'll see the full code looks like this:

Object current = param(1);
treenode activity = param(2);
int rowNumber = param(3); //The arrival entry row number
int cycle = param(4); //The current cycle through the arrivals table (first iteration cycle = 1)
treenode processFlow = ownerobject(activity);
/***tag:par2*//**/, getstream(activity)/**/

Whereas in the text box below it you just see:

poisson(10.0, getstream(activity))

Most of the stuff in that multiline code snippet is just meta text to make it show up right in the distribution popup. It basically boils down to this:

treenode activity = param(2);
poisson(10.0, getstream(activity))

So the easiest thing to do to get a single line to paste in from Excel is to change activity to param(2) like this:

poisson(10.0, getstream(param(2))
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Thank you! That worked great!!
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