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Control object parameters with webserver dashboard inputs

Is there a sample model that can change the processing time of the processor, the speed of AGV, etc. from the dashboard screen on the browser side, as shown below?


FlexSim 21.2.4
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I have set the object parameters, but even if I change the processing time of processor 1 set in the dashboard from the Web browser side, it is not reflected in the simulation. A model (FlexSim 22.0.3) is attached, so please check it.


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Hey @tomonori S, I downloaded the most recent version of FlexSim Webserver (21.0.0), and downloaded the example model you uploaded. I changed my configurations to open your model on the webserver. When it opened, I was able to change the parameters in the web browser, and after I reset and run the model, the speeds were adjusted like normal. Could you give me any steps to replicate what you're experiencing? Hope I can help.
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Hi @tomonori S,

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Sorry for the late contact.

As a procedure, the parameter of "Processor 1" is set to 5 seconds, so change the value of the parameter to 20 seconds from the browser and execute the model after pressing the "Reset" button. However, the processing speed of the processor on the browser does not change.

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Hello @tomonori S,

Sorry for the delay with a solution for you. I figure out the problem.

Open the model on your computer (not webserver). Select the dashboard and select edit mode in properties.


Then select one of the spinners and look over in the properties under the maximum value.


In the parameters table the max is 50 and the max on the spinner is 10.

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