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AGVs priority when they are stocked in one control point

Hello Everyone,

I have a problem of priority, I would like to give 100% priority a bus in a pathway and all the agv stock in the same place (control point).

when cars and buses arrive at the same time (control point) I would like buses to be able to pass in first position and even block cars (that are on the other side of the "control area").

I have try to give priority in the TS but doesn't work with AGV


So any clue to resolve this problem?

I attached the model: Circulation Priority.fsm

Thanks in advance guys

FlexSim 22.2.2
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Hi @Javier Lg, was Felix Möhlmann's answer helpful? If so, please click the "Accept" button at the bottom of their answer. Or if you still have questions, add a comment and we'll continue the conversation.

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There is no built in system to prioritize certain task executers when allocating control points/areas as far as I know.

I would suggest to use the control ares only to detect the travellers and do the actual decision making/prioritizing in a process flow.

In the attached model I increased the number of allowed allocations of the control areas. The number ol simultaneous travellers will instead be limited by how often the areas are present on a list. Whenever a task executer allocates one of the areas, a token is created by the event-triggered source. This token then stops the task executer until it can pull the respective area from a list.

Both the back order queue strategy, as well as the order in which the tokens are let through to the Pull from List activity by the zone, are ordered by the "isBus" label (1 = Bus, 0 = Car). Tokens with a higher label get to pull the areas first. They are copied from the task exeucters directly after the source.

After a task executer resumes, the token waits until it deallocates the control area and then pushes it back onto the list.



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Thanks Felix again for your quick reponse, I have to change the logic of the model after your feedback !

as Flexsim you can take in consideration an update version with this kind of priorities !

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Hello @Javier Lg, If you would like to give this as an idea to the development team please look to see if someone have already posted the idea and upvote it or create the idea post for it. This is one way the development team keeps track of suggested improvements for FlexSim.
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