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Transporter path on network nodes

How does transporter choose path when it has multiple path available on the network? Is it based on shortest path?

I am using network nodes connected to form a network and use traffic controller to restrict number of objects on each path.

Also, is there a way I can block some paths based on number of vehicle on the path? I want to do this so that other transporters don't use that path even if it is on the shortest path. Can i change the paths transporters take by close node edge? If an edge is closed, then when the transporter is calculating path will it ignore closed edge?

First image shows the network path and node( highlighted node):


I am closenodeedge on the node highlighted in yellow and closing the from edge( node circled in blue)


when I do that arrow in blue changes to orange but the other one in red does not. Does this mean this edge is still open?

FlexSim 22.1.0
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Closing the edge only makes the task executer stop before entering that edge until it is opened again. It has no influence on the path finding. Due to this, the color (orange) is also independent from the connection type colors (red = no connections, yellow = non-passing, green = passing).

Changing a connection type only takes effect on model reset. The only way to force a task executer to use a different, longer path (that I know of) would be to use intermediate waypoints when creating the task sequence.

Something like: "When content of path A > X, first travel to intermediate point on path B and then to the actual destination"

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You can perform a dynamic redirect once the traveller arrives at a node.

In the network node's arrival trigger return the edge number along which the task executer should travel next.

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I updated the model to do that. It does look better with this update.
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