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How to model a crane?


I tried to use basicFR and basicTE to model a crane and a port bridge,but it can't be ordered to move in Processflow, so how to make it?

FlexSim 22.2.4
crane movementbasicteport bridge
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Which part is which? A BasicFR is not a task executer and can thus not do task sequences like travelling.

The BasicTE starts off without a set navigator when first added to the model, which might be why it doesn't move in your model. Add a different task executer to your model to generate the default navigator and assign the BasicTE to it.

In addition, if you control the movement through Process Flow, you probably don't actually need a BasicTE and could just use a default Task Executer with a changed shape.
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like this?it don't move.

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Felix Möhlmann answered
Based on the property categories on the right, that crane object is a fixed resource. As I wrote above a BasicFR (or any other fixed resource) cannot 'travel'.

Either replace it with a task executer object or use kinematics to move it.

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oh, thank you, Felix

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