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Match time from excel with pallet arrival on station

Hello, I have model of assembly line with 4 stations. There are 6 arriving stations. At the begging, operator put chassis on pallet.

From excel I imported data with arrival time. This is historical time from our real assembly line (GlobalTable1). every workstation has a time, when operator pressed the button to send the pallet to the next position.



I already put the arrival time from workstation 1 to the source of chassis. But I would like to send the pallet from each workstation at the time of departure from the GlobalTable1. I guess it should be something with pull from list?

Do you have idea, how can I do it? Thank you

FlexSim 22.1.4
global tableexcel importassign labels
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The stations could look at the next departure on the table whenever the processing time is determined and set it so that the item will leave at the specified time.

For this to be possible you of course first have to set the model start time to be ahead of the first times in the table.

I would add another column to the table that contains the times converted to a model. That saves having to do this every time the model starts. The stations can then get an array of their times via SQL in their reset trigger.


Be aware that your test model does not currently allow for this to work, because there are too few carriers and too little space between the stations. As you can see in the table below, by the time the first carrier leaves the second station, the first should already have released four more. But there isn't enough space on the conveyor for them.


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