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FlowObject Moves when Rotated

Hi Everyone! I am having a visual issue with my model and I would like to get some help.

When the crane gets the object, it rotates automatically, so I have to rotate it manually so that it looks OK.


When placing the object in the storage, the same process has to be done so that the rotation in storage is correct. The thing is that, after using ONLY rotations, the position of the plate is completely different.


I know a possible solution would be to rotate the model so that the crane collects the plate correctly, or the plate so that it looks better, but the original model is very big and I cannot do that.


Thank you in advance :)

FlexSim 23.1.1
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Storage objects can be a bit tricky in this regard. You have to make sure that the item's rotation value is set to what it should be inside the storage at two points in time: When the slot is assigned to the item and then again before the item is entering the storage.

Your model didn't upload successfully, so I can't check in your model. But the final position should be correct if you switch the rotation back to what it should be in the On Unload trigger of the crane.

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It worked! Thank you, I was changing the rotation from Process Flow, and it was not working there.

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