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Record which Processor an item went when using random method

Hi there,

I’ve got a question with global list. I set the item of source be pushed in the list and the processors to pull from the list. As I set the backorder as random like the following picture.


Is there any method to record which processor did the items went from the source? The reason that I want to record the flow the item is that I want to do some adjustment to the way that task executers carry. I'm thinking of using the method in this website ( to label my processors so that every processor will have a unique label I can use to record.

Thank you for any of your assistance

FlexSim 21.2.4
global listrandomlabeling processorrecord processor
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@kkkk You can solve your issue to assign Sequence Number to flowitem and record the sequence number of the item in the global table or in the processor on entering into the processor.

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Hi, thank you for your help! But what I need for the model is to record which random processor was chosen. I wonder if I can use the labeling method ( so that my processors will have a unique label I can use to record, if possible I wonder how can I record it.

Since I need to use the record data to adjust the job sequence that task executer carry, I'm wondering if I collect the data in the global table, can it be used in the process flow? That my concern is that if I push to list directly it'll be too late to adjust the job sequence.

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How are the items pulled?

If in a process flow, after the pull the token should have a reference to both the item and the processor. Meaning you can add a label to the item that contains information about the processor.

If the items are pulled via the Pull option on the processor, the reference to the pulling object will be available in the Use Transport field of the 'sending' object.

In the attached model, the destination object is assigned to a label on the item and the item is colored either red or blue depending on the processor that pulled it.

(The destination being assigned to a label on the item is actually the default when pushing to an item list in the Use Tnrasport field)


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