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feeding objects to multiprocessor at regular intervals


I am pretty new to FlexSim.

I have an equipment and i trying to model it, this equipment takes in 1st object, say box, runs for 10 mins, then takes in 2nd object, say cylinder1, runs for 5 mins, then takes in 3rd object, say cylinder2, runs for 6 mins and so on till 9th object. then equipment will run for some time and outputs an object, say sphere.

Additionally, not always 9 objects are required (object requirement is based on statistical distribution), time interval between feeding different objects also has a statistical distribution

my first idea is to use a "combiner" where i would feed in different objects at specified intervals then "join" them, but the problem is how to set different process times?

my second idea is to use a "multiprocessor" with different processes defined, but it takes only 1 object as input and runs the specified processes.

Is there a better way to do this?

FlexSim 23.0.0
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Hello @RahulCH,

You will need to use multiple objects or use a basic FR with process flow to create a custom object with custom logic.

Attached is a rough example of what you could do. Please look through the triggers on each object.

The processor closes its input after every item enters. The input is either opened when a delay is finished or the combiner is finished joining the objects.

Custom combining object.fsm

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Hi @Jeanette F,

thanks for the answer, i replicated it

I am still figuring out the process flow, custom coding is bit much but getting hang of it

Thank you

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