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AGV pushing trailers choose an inefficient route to the CP below the trailer


I have created a model of an AGV pushing a trailer.

However, when I try to have the AGV unload the box at the control point under the trailer, the AGV goes all the way around the route before arriving.


Is this because it is calculating a route that can reach its destination from the tip of the trailer?

I was wondering if I could use the overflowCP property of the AGV class in such a case, but could not figure out how to use it.

Would you tell me how to solve this problem so that the AGV moves naturally, including the use of the above overflowCP property?

Thank in advance.

FlexSim 23.0.11
agvagv trailer
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Have you tried setting involved2 of the travel task to the correct trailer, and having the AGV stop with the correct offset to allow the trailer to be attached at the control point location?

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Here's the working model where the travel for unloading uses the trailer as the offset and the travel for loading calls a subtask (user command nodefunction) to work out the offset based on the number of trailers it's already pushing when it starts the task. This latter part will likely need further testing/tweaking/debugging.


You'll find the code in the user command and the queue's transport dispatcher code that creates the tasksequence.

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@Jason Lightfoot

Thanks for the sample model.

In the case of A Connect, you are saying that we need to adjust the stop position of the AGV in our custom code.

Also, I had not tried involved2 in travel task, but now I know that it can be easily set up by utilizing the "AGV Travel" activity in the process flow.

Thank you very much for your great help!

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If you just tell the AGV to travel to a control point without an offset the AGV will sit at the control point and any front loaded trailers will get added along from the control point, potentially passing their destination at the time of loading, which would cause extra travel by having a second loop, which was your original concern.
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