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Bug with instanciated flow and user library

I made an object with an animation and an instantiated flow to run the animation. In the attached model is is the top line where an animation on the queue has been added. If I copy the queue and apply it in a new line it works fine. If I add it to a userlibrary and then drag it in from the userlibrary and create a new line it gives errors. It looks like the current of the 2nd object is not recognized. The model shows the situation with the userlibrary situation. The userlibrary itself is nothing more then adding the first queue to a new userlibrary.


FlexSim 23.2.2
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Hey @Steven Hamoen, I can confirm that the codeNode for the Custom Code in the Object Process Flow is setting "current" to param(1) which is null in this case.

After removing the Object Process Flow from the userlibrary, it seems to work with no errors. The reason is because the Object Process Flow lives under the Process Flow node in the tree (MODEL:/Tools/ProcessFlow/Object) and has references to the instances. I assume param(1) for current is being set somewhere relative to this location.


(What it looks like in the tree after removing the Object PF)

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@Kavika F Thanks! I assume this is put on the dev list?
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I think this is related to another post where the bug was submitted to the dev team. In that we observed that the instantiation causes an invalid link to the user library process flow:


so closing the user library or removing it can solve that.

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Yes I've linked the post to the card @Jason Lightfoot submitted about his linked post.
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