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How to load a queue with an AGV by adding conditions linked to a global table ?


I'm currently working on a model in which I'm loading several different parts into different queues. The agv has to load the queues according to the production order (found in the global table "OrderHistory"). For "ORDER_1", the agv must load the queues from "Poste 1", for "ORDER_2", the agv must load the queues from "Poste 3", and finally for "ORDER_2", the agv must load the queues from "Poste 2". But I don't know how to add a condition to the queues to make it work. Do you have any idea of the exact syntax? Attached is the flexsim template. Otherwise, I had thought of creating a label that increments each time a part is created, but I didn't succeed.

FlexSim 23.0.10
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The first advice I would give you is to not use the AGV template for this. It implements a behaviour where an AGV 'patrols' along a route and picks up anything that needs to be moved which it finds along the way.

To model more targeted behaviour you will have more success by constructing your own Process Flow. If you haven't done so already, I would suggest you take a look at the tutorial linked below (1.2 - 1.4).

Some additional pointers for your model:

- You can use a single global list to hold all items that are available in the queues but partition it by the queues. That way you can pull items from a specific partition/queue depending on the order.

- When building a Process Flow, first decide what 'Point of View' to take. Do the tokens represent the orders that acquire the AGV or vice versa? In this case the first might make more sense. You could consolidate all information for the order onto a single token, acquire the AGV and have it run tasks until the order is finished. This will make controlling the order of operations somewhat easier.

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