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Get stat of number of group in Batch Process Flow?

I am trying to batch tokens as per a specific label group. However, I want no more than 10 group in the batch process flow block. If the token entering is from the group that are being matched it should be allowed to enter, if its a token carrying a label which will create new group than it should wait till one of the group have completed batching 5 tokens of same group type.

Is there a way to achieve this?

FlexSim 23.0.15
labelbatchgroup by
5 |100000

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Here's one approach using a list which seems to work. If you want the tokens batched in to one token, you could add a batch activity and after the final pull use the pulled array to set a batchID on each token (such as the time of the pull).


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Here's another possible approach:

Each token first has to enter a zone that only allows one token per type. If its type is not part of a currently active batch (tracked in a map global variable), the token first has to acquire a "batch spot" before it can continue. Tokens of already active batches can bypass this step. After a batch is complete, the token that acquired the resource returns it and resets the entry in the global variable.

The "Breathe" after the first zone entry allows this to happen before further tokens of the same type are allowed to enter the batch activity.


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Thanks, I do think second approach is fitting my current logic well. In this one addition I'd like to have ideally is after batch there's a 1 hr delay in my model. Now if a token.type=4, won't be released from map which might make a token.type of value 4 generated to bypass the batchspots acquiring even though the the initial value 4 token has batched and is being processed so this new one should be acquiring a batch spot

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@Felix Möhlmann continued question above

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